Try Indoor Go Kart Racing For A Fun Party For Family And Friends.


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Are you getting bored with the normal party and Friday night entertainment venues? Are weekends uneventful and dull? Why not put some fun and excitement back into your life with indoor go kart racing? There are places for indoor go kart racing Huntsville locations near everyone in the area. A few friends can make it a weekend destination or birthday bachelor parties Huntsville can be held at indoor go kart Huntsville facilities. Though this activity is not for everyone, many people find it a very exciting entertainment venue.

Because go cart racing Huntsville is indoors, no one needs to worry about the outside weather. When storms, cold, extreme heat, snow, or rain prevent outdoor activities, the indoor entertainment venues are open for business and fun. These places have great go kart tracks with go karts that run on electricity, not gasoline, so they are clean and green. At Speed Raceway, people experience the thrill of racing go-karts in eco-friendly, Italian designed and made OTL Storm Karts on one of the best designed go kart tracks in the area.

How Does A Go Kart Experience Play Out?

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When a person or group arrives at the go kart facility, they register and an account is created. Races are purchased and the racers are immediately stored in the facility system. Racer names are chosen for each member of the group. During races, these names will be displayed on the live-scoring scoreboards. Customers can save time by pre-registering for races online from home. After registration, customers talk to the customer service people to get the purchased races scheduled. At this time, a customer can ask questions and get information about the races and all the upcoming specials and package deals.

Rules And Safety Regulations

Because any sport has risks and a level of danger, there are rules and regulations in place to keep everyone using the facility safe. There are flags on the racetrack that must be obeyed. They are green for go, a yellow flag for caution, and a red flag for stop. Additional flags are a black flag that means safety infraction, the blue flag for let a racer pass, the white flag signaling the last lap, and the checkered flag signaling the end of the race or race finish.

In addition to the flags, there are some hard-and-fast regulations to follow, including wearing helmets and being completely drug and alcohol-free for the racing. No bumping of karts is allowed and the barriers. cannot be touched. A list of all the rules must be read and followed. For more information, go to the website.